Research at C-MORE

Research at C-MORE is motivated in large part by industry questions, often raised at our semi-annual consortium meetings. These initial ideas are then followed up and fleshed out by research staff, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students. Most C-MORE research projects are collaborations between consortium members (industry leaders in diverser fields such as mining, steel, hydro, defense) and the lab.

C-MORE’s current research plan is three-fold:

Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) | CBM focuses on expensive long-life assets that are subject to condition monitoring. Two key issues are diagnosing an asset’s state of health, and providing a prognosis of its remaining useful life (RUL).

Capital and Emergency Spares | Determining optimal stock size is done in various ways, for stocks composed of either non-repairable or repairable parts. Optimization criteria considered are minimization of costs, maximization of availability, and maximization of stock reliability (that is, probability that a spare part request will not be rejected due to lack of spare units in stock).

Protective Devices | Protective systems present a special case, since their failures are hidden and can only be discovered during inspections or in case of an actual emergency.

C-MORE also has a number of other projects underway.