The MORE Consortium

The MORE Consortium was founded in 1994 by Professor Andrew Jardine of the University of Toronto, with the help of the Ontario Centres of Excellence Centre for Materials and Manufacturing (OCE–CMM). The consortium’s goal was to advance Professor Jardine’s groundbreaking theoretical work on condition-based maintenance optimization, published in 1992. companies interested in reaping the potential benefits of the technology, they, along with OCE, shared Professor Jardine’s vision of a dedicated research centre involving industry, faculty and graduate students. C-MORE’s specific objective was the development of a software tool for optimizing condition-based maintenance decisions.

In 2003, the consortium achieved its primary objective: a new software tool named EXAKT was market-ready. With the initiative and help of OCE, an Ontario-based spin-off company, OMDEC, was created for the further commercial refinement and marketing of EXAKT, which is now in revision 4.2. The consortium partners take great pride in the achievement of their goal; their suggestions for and tests of the EXAKT prototypes were an invaluable help throughout the software development process. Furthermore, the consortium members cite the many unexpected benefits of collaboration, such as the identification of best-practices in place within other consortium companies, as having almost equal value to their organizations.

Members | The MORE consortium includes members from a wide variety of Canadian and international companies.

Meetings | The MORE consortium meets semi-annually (late spring and late fall) to discuss current research projects and future collaborations. Inter-industry discussion on maintenance practices is fruitful for all participants. Consortium meetings often include one or two guests; contact Andrew Jardine for details should you like to join us.

Terms of Reference | All consortium members agree to the same terms of reference.