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C-MORE Publications 2013-2015

Books and Book Chapters

Taghipour S., Banjevic D., Miller A., Harvey B. (2013). Competing Risks Models and Breast Cancer: A Brief Review In Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Predictions. Ed. Lee M.T., Gail M., Pfeiffer R., Satten G., Cai T., Gandy A. Springer (in press).

Journal Papers Published

Kim, M.J. and A.E.B. Lim. (2015). “Robust Multi-Armed Bandit Problems,” Management Science , forthcoming.

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Taghipour S. and Banjevic D. (2013). Maximum Likelihood of dependent and censored recurrent event data. Computers & Industrial Engineering. 64(1):143-152. (

Journal Papers Published Online

Taghipour S., Banjevic D., Miller A. B., Montgomery N., Jardine A. K. S., Harvey B. J. (2013). Parameter estimates for invasive breast cancer progression in the Canadian National Breast Screening Study. British Journal of Cancer. Published online at (