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C-MORE Publications 2007-2008

Books and Book Chapters

Jardine, A.K.S. and Banjevic, D., “Condition Monitoring”, to appear in Encyclopedia of Quantitative Risk Assessment, John Wiley & Sons, 2008.

Safaei, N., Banjevic, D., and Jardine, A K S., Multi-Objective Simulated Annealing for Maintenance Workforce Scheduling Problem: A Case Study, to appear in book “Global Optimization: Focus on Simulated Annealing”, A R S Publishing, Submitted January 2008.

Jardine, A K S., “Life Cycle Analyses and Fleet Retention Strategies”, to appear as Chapter 2 in a Best Practices Manual being developed for Ontario Municipal Fleet managers, Fleet Challenge Ontario, April 2008. 

Ali Zuaskhiani, “Expert Knowledge Based Reliability Models”. Published online by VDM publishing, Germany, August 2008

Journal Papers Published

Lugtigheid, D., Jardine, A.K.S. and Jiang, X., “Optimizing the performance of a repairable system under a maintenance and repair contract,” Quality and Reliability Engineering International, May 29 2007, online.

Lugtigheid, D., Jiang, X. and Jardine, A.K.S. “A finite horizon model for repairable systems with repair restrictions,” Journal of the Operational Research Society, July 25, 2007, online.

Jiang, R. and Jardine, A.K.S., “Health state evaluation of an item: a general framework and graphical representation,” to appear in Reliability Engineering and System Safety, Volume 93, January 2008, pp 89-994.

Lugtigheid, D, Banjevic, D and Jardine, A.K.S., “Component repairs: When to perform and what to do?” Reliability Engineering and System Safety 93, (2008) 604-615

Conference Proceedings

Montgomery N. and Jefferis T., “The Effect of Minor Maintenance on Condition-Based Maintenance Models”, ICOMS 2008, Perth, Australia, May 2008.

Zuaskiani, A.,“Achieving Maximum Maintenance Performance through Minimum Measurement”, ICOMS conference in Perth, Australia in May 2008. (presented by Neil Montgomery)

Taghipour, S., Banjevic, D., Jardine, A.K.S. “Risk-based Inspection and Maintenance for Medical Equipment”, Proceedings of the 2008 International Industrial Engineering Research Conference: 104-109, 2008.