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C-MORE Students

Maliheh Aramon Erik Bjarnason | Erik is a MASc student at C-MORE where he is working on optimizing spare parts inventories and maintenance policies. He received BSc degree in Mathematics and
Industrial Engineering from University of Iceland. Before joining C-MORE he worked at Rio Tinto Alcan in Iceland.
Maliheh Aramon Laurent Caudrelier | Laurent is a M.A.Sc. candidate at C-MORE working on finding optimal breast cancer screening policies based on data-developed disease progression models as part of a CIHR-NSERC collaboration. He is a recipient of the prestigious NSERC CGS-M Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship. Prior to joining C-MORE, Laurent worked at Pratt & Whitney Canada in customer management and maintenance planning. He holds a B.Eng. from McGill University in Honours Mechanical Engineering.
photo of Soroush Sharifi

Mohammadreza (Soroush) Sharifi | Soroush is a graduate student at C-MORE. He holds Master of Management in Operations Research (MM in OR) from the University of British Columbia and BASc in Industrial Engineering from Sharif university.

photo of janet sung Janet Sung | Janet is a graduate student at         C-MORE.  She received a BMath in Operations Research from the University of Waterloo while earning a BBA at Wilfrid Laurier University.
photo of lorna wong Stephan Trusevych | Stephan is a MASc student at C-MORE.  He holds a BSc in Mathematics and Engineering from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.  Before joining C-MORE, he worked in the Electro-Technology Group at Hatch on various international mining and metals projects.    
photo of lorna wong Clayton Van Volkenburg | Clayton is a graduate student at C-MORE.  He has a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and has spent time as a Maintenance Officer, Deputy Project Manager, Integrated Logistics Support Manager, and Maintenance Policy Developer.
photo of lorna wong Lorna Wong | Lorna is a PhD student at C-MORE. She recently completed her MEng thesis on a study of armoured vehicle condition-based maintenance in collaboration with MOD UK. Lorna received her Honours BSc in Math and History, and her MEng in Industrial Engineering, both from the University of Toronto. Lorna was recently profiled by the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering's online newsletter.

Former C-MORE Students

Maliheh Aramon Maliheh Aramon | Maliheh Aramon completed her PhD with C-MORE in December 2013, and accepted a position at C-MORE as a postdoctoral fellow. Her work is in the area of maintenance scheduling from a stochastic perspective. She completed her BASc and MASc at the University of Tehran, Iran.
photo of corey kiassat Corey Kiassat | Corey Kiassat, MBA, P.Eng., recieved his PhD in June 2013, specializing in the area of human reliability. Before joining C-MORE, he worked at General Motors in various engineering and manufacturing positions. He holds a BASc in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto and an MBA from York University. Find out more here!
Tanya Tang | Tanya received her PhD in June 2012. She worked in the area of failure finding interval optimization for protective devices. She holds a MASc in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto. She is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, China.
Robert Svaluto
Robert Svaluto | Robert received his MEng in June 2012. He worked in the area of spares optimziation. He holds a BASc in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto. Robert is currently consulting with BANAK and working as part-time research associate with the C-MORE.
photo of william luff
William Luff | William Luff received his MASc in June 2012. He worked in the area of reliability models for linear assets. He attended Queen's University for Engineering Physics and Applied Economics. He is currently working on a research exchange with Covaris Pty. of Sydney, Australia.
photo of pedram sahba
Pedram Sahba | Pedram received his PhD in June 2012. His research is broadly focused on spare parts provisioning problems. His interests include Queueing Theory, Stochastic Processes, Spare Parts Optimization, and Reliability Engineering. He works as a consultant at Hatch Ltd. Find out more here!
Sharareh Taghipour
Sharareh Taghipour | Sharareh completed her PhD in Industrial Engineering in April 2011. Her dissertation titled "Reliability and Maintenance of Medical Devices", a collaborative project with the University Health Network. She is now an Assistant Professor at Ryerson University. Find out more here!
Kelly Kinahan
Kelly Kinahan | Kelly is a recently graduated MASc student who collaborated with Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Professor Baris Balcioglu on projects with Barrick Gold. Kelly also holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Carleton University.

Diederik Lugtigheid │ Diederik Lugtigheid completed his PhD in Maintenance Optimization of Repairable Systems and is now Manager, Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Australia.

Darko Louit │Darko Louit obtained a PhD in Optimization of Spare Parts Inventories; he is employed as Contracts Manager, Komatsu, South America.
Ardavan Shirazi │Ardavan Shirazi was granted a Masters in Modeling Imperfect Repairs using a Fault Simulator. Ardavan is now a Junior Reliability Engineer, ABB.
Andrey Pak │Andrey Pak specialized in Maintenance and Repair Contracts: Modelling and Optimization. After completing his Masters, he found employment as a Consultant, Boston Consulting Group, Moscow.
Michael Medeiros │Michael Medeiros finished his Masters, working on Asset Replacement at Hydro One. He is an Engineer, Hydro One Networks.
Jason Hao │Jason Hao completed an undergraduate degree, specializing in Spare Parts Provisioning and is an Analyst, Enterprise Risk Services, Deloitte and Touche.
Sarah Chen │ Sarah Chen obtained an undergraduate degree in Spare Parts Provisioning and is working as an Industrial Engineer Intern, Walmart.
Tom Pickles │ Tom Pickles completed his undergraduate degree, with a focus on Spare Parts Simulation Models. He is a Business Analyst, Strategy and Operations for Deloitte and Touche.