Software Commercialization

C-MORE aims to create prototype software for maintenance optimization problems. However, our prototypes are generally available only to consortium members. The good news is that both the EXAKT and SMS software packages have now been licensed for commercialization, and so can be obtained by anyone interested in maintenance optimization.

EXAKT, the condition-based maintenance optimizer, and the first software prototype to be developed at C-MORE, was licensed to C-MORE spin-off company OMDEC in 2003; EXAKT has already been used by companies in a wide variety of industries world-wide. OMDEC is continuing to add to and improve the software for commercial applications.

More recently, C-MORE’s Spares Management Software (SMS) was licensed to Ivara, the leader in asset performance management software solutions for companies in capital intensive industries, for inclusion in Ivara EXP. This commercialization will make the optimization of critical spares management—an innovation born in Ontario—widely available to companies in Ontario, Canada and the rest of the world. Read the press release.

SMS has also been licensed to OMDEC.