International Maintenance Excellence Conference 2009 - September 9-11 - Toronto, Ontario


IMEC 2011 Session presentations are below, in alphabetical order by the author's last name.


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Cable Splice Features
Paul Barringer, Barringer & Associates, US
Optimizing Mining Hoist Maintenance Decisions Through Blending Oil Analysis and Hazard Modelling
Pedro Cancino, Dictuc Tribologia, Chile

How to Maximize Thermal Imaging for Process Control
Jon Chynoweth, NEC, US
Part I Part II Part III

Value Generated by the Application of Asset Management Basic Practices
Jean Claveau, Rio Tinto Alcan, Canada
Barrick's Maintenance Journey
Robert Cronin, Barrick, Canada
Maintenance Decision-Making Based on the VDM KPI Dashboard
Guy Delahay, Mainnovation, The Netherlands
A Journey Toward Evidence-Based Asset Management
Amin Elsherif, Suncor Energy, Canada
The Role of CBM Optimization for Both Industrial Equipment and Cancer Screening
Drs. Andrew Jardine and Sharareh Taghipour, Canada
Power Interruption Reliability Modeling and Optimization in Hydro One
Bo Ji, Hydro One, Canada
Transitioning from a Reactive to Predictive Culture
Shamir Ladhani, Enmax Power Corporation, Canada
How Social Media is Changing Our Behaviour and Expectations in EAM Application
Anders Lif, IFS World Operations, Sweden
SMED: Immediate Improvement of Asset Utilization
Enrique Mora, MORA International Group, US
Modeling the Cost of Maintenance Across a Fleet of Complex Facilities
Bob Platfoot, Covaris, Australia
New Standards for Reliability and Maintenance Performance in a Global Marketplace
Al Poling, HSB Solomon Associates, US
Remaining Useful Life of Power Transformer: CMMS Requirements
Wendelin Schuhmann, Manitoba Hydro, Canada
Improving Equipment Reliability at Ontario Power Generation's Nuclear Power Plants
Kenneth Sutton, Ontario Power Generation, Canada
Enhancing Asset Condition Monitoring and Tracking Capabilities by Leveraging Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with Sensor Technologies
Albert Tsang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Process Data: An Untapped Source of Potential CBM Information
David Williams, Teck, Canada
Can We Trust Tacit Knowledge in Making Asset Management Decisions?
Ali Zuashkiani, Center for Maintenance Optimization and Reliability Engineering, Canada



IMEC 2010 Session presentations are below, in alphabetical order by the author's last name

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Improve Earnings By Cooperation and Common Master Data
Jonas Berggren, SSG Standard Solutions Group AB, and Anders Lif, IFS World Operations, AB, Sweden
World-Class Reliability and Maintainability—Perspectives From a Practitioner
Klaus Blache, University of Tennessee, US
A Reliability-Based Asset-Management Approach to Continuous Improvement Success
Jaime Collantes, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and JCB Asset Management, and Walter Silva, JCB Asset Management, Peru
Building A Winning Maintenance Strategy
Guy Delahay, Managing Partner, Mainnovation, The Netherlands
Evidence-Based Asset Management: Role of Knowledge Elicitation
Andrew Jardine, University of Toronto, Canada
Implementing a Maintenance Transformation Program Across Multiple Geographies
Rosellen Johnson, Kinross Gold Corporation, Canada
Surely We Can Do Better Than This? Delivering Technical Change and Making it Stick
Tim Jefferis, Ministry of Defence, UK
Transitioning From a Reactive to Predictive Culture
Shamir Ladhani, Enmax Power Corp., Canada
Asset Performance Management Best Practices
Joel Nachlas, Virginia Tech University, US
The Case for Common M&R Metrics Definitions and Reporting
Dick Olver, Agrium, Inc., Canada
Simplify Work Order Priorities—Low Tech, High Value
Doc Palmer, Richard Palmer & Associates, US
Throughput-Centered Prioritization: The System Efficiency Influence Diagram
Rodrigo Pascual, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile
Optimization Models for Maintenance Planning
Michael Patriksson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Scheduling Maintenance Jobs Under Skilled-Workforce Availability Constraint in a Steel Company
Nima Safaei, University of Toronto, Canada
Water Maintenance Operations at the Ontario Clean Water Agency
George Terry, Ontario Clean Water Agency, Canada
Evaluation of Maintenance Performance Indicators in the Mining Industry
Krige Visser, University of Pretoria, South Africa


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